Brown Mushrooms


Brown (cremini) mushrooms are a type of edible fungi. They are more flavorful than white mushrooms and can be eaten raw or cooked. Brown Mushrooms are usually sold fresh, canned and dried.


Other names: Cremini Mushrooms, Italian Brown Mushrooms, Crimini Mushrooms, Baby Bella Mushrooms
Translations: Brown Sēnes, Brown Grybai, Brown Ciuperci, Brown Gljive, Brown Nấm, Brown Grzyby, Brown Paddestoelen, ब्राउन मशरूम, Браун Грибы, Brown Μανιτάρια, البني الفطر, 브라운 버섯, Brown houby, Браун Печурке, Brown mushrooms, 布朗蘑菇, Brown Bolets, Brown Gobe, Brown huby, Brown Funghi, בראון פטריות, Brown Svampar, Brown Jamur, ブラウンマッシュルーム, Brown Champignons, Braune Champignons, Brown Svampe, Brown sopper, Brown Setas, Браун Гриби, Brown sienet, Браун гъби

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: White mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms



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