A shark is a carnivorous marine fish.

Sharks are a common seafood in some parts of the world. They are prized for their fin which is used in making sharks-fin soup, a popular dish in China. The meat is firm and compact. It cuts like steak or beef when raw but is considered the poor man's swordfish.


Other names:
Translations: Haizivs, Ryklys, Rechin, Morski pas, Rekin, Haai, शार्क, Tubarão, Акула, Καρχαρίας, سمك القرش, 상어, Žralok, Hiu, Pating sa katihan, 鲨鱼, Tauró, Žralok, Squalo, כריש, Ајкула, 鮫, Requin, Hai, Tiburón, Акула, Hai, Акула



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