Port De Salut Cheese


A smooth, delectable French cheese produced in thick disks with an outer orange rind and pale yellow interior.

This is a type of soft-ripened cheese made from cow's milk and polished with brine during the aging process which contributes to its rich flavor.

Port de Salut cheese is an excellent table cheese that goes well with chinon and bourgueil wines, and fruit.


Other names: Port Du Salut, Port Salut, Fromage Port Salut, Nantais
Translations: Ostas De Salut Cheese, Port de Salut sūriu, Port de Salut Brânză, Puerto de Salut sira, Port Salut De Ser, Port Salut De Cheese, पोर्ट डी salut पनीर, Port Salut De Queijo, Порт Де Салют сыра, Port De Τυρί Salut, ميناء الجبن دي سالو, 포트 드 건배 치즈, Port De Salut Sýry, Port De Salut Keju, 港德萨吕奶酪, Formatge Port De Salut, Port De Salut Syry, Port Salut De Cheese, פורט דה גבינה Salut, Port De Salut Ost, Порт де Салут сир, ポートデSalutのチーズ, Fromage Port Salut De, Port De Trappistakäse, Port Salut De Cheese, Queso Port De Salut, Порт Де Салют сиру, Port De Salut juustoa, Port De Salut сирене



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