Iceberg Lettuce


Iceberg Lettuce is a round head of lettuce with tight green leaves.

In Southeast Asia, where Iceberg lettuce is not an indigenous vegetable, it tends to be small, oddly shaped round heads without the tight green leaves.


Other names: Lettuce, Crisphead, Head Lettuce
Translations: Iceberg salāti, Salotos, Salata Iceberg, Salata-ledena, Núi băng Rau diếp, Sałata lodowa, IJsbergsla, हिमखंड लेटिष, Салат айсберг, Μαρούλι Iceberg, فيض الخس, 빙산 상추, Ledový salát, Selada gunung es, Malaking bato ng yelo litsugas, 生菜, Enciam, Solata ledenka, Ľadový šalát, Lattuga iceberg, חסה אייסברג, Isbergssallad, Ледена салата, アイスバーグレタス, Laitue pommée, Eisbergsalat, Icebergsalat, Isbergsalat, Lechuga, Салат айсберг, Jäävuorisalaatti, Салата &

Physical Description

A light pale green color, Iceberg lettuce is sold as a whole head in various sizes depending on growing conditions. Iceberg lettuce is also commonly found as prepackaged salad bags in Western societies.

A head of Iceberg lettuce is fairly light in weight and therefore not sold by weight, but rather as a piece.

Colors: Light green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet, bland
Mouthfeel: Aqueous and crisp, Crunchy
Food complements: Tacos, Burgers
Wine complements: Red wine, Cabernet savignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, White wine
Beverage complements: Beer, Cider, Tea
Substitutes: Romaine, Green leaf lettuce

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: may, june, july, august, september
Choosing: Look for a firm head of lettuce that is not slimy and no signs of discoloration
Buying: Iceberg lettuce is widely available in most supermarkets and farmers market.
Procuring: If you want to grow your own lettuce. It is best if you plant the seeds during late spring. Remember to keep the soil moist and allow for some space between the lettuce heads.

Preparation and Use

Iceberg lettuce tastes its crisp best when washed, dried properly and kept at a cool temperature. This requires a lot of handling from the washing of each of the leaves to a brisk salad spinning or drying and then, storing of the larger leaves for use later in a variety of dishes. Leaves should not be torn for salad until right before serving to retain their crisp, firm crunch.

Cleaning: Wash the leaves thoroughly before using it for salads

Conserving and Storing

Iceberg Lettuce can keep for 4-5 days inside the vegetable crisper in the fridge.make sure it is covered in plastic so it wont dry out easily.



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