Duck Meat


Duck meat is the meat derived from primarily the breasts and legs of ducks that is consumed by humans.


Other names: duck breast, Duck
Translations: Pīles gaļa, Antiena, Carne de raţă, Meso patke, Thịt vịt, Mięso kaczki, Eendenvlees, बतख का मांस, A carne de pato, Утятину, Κρέας Duck, بطة اللحوم, 오리 고기, Kachní maso, Daging Bebek, Pato Meat, 鸭肉, Carn d'ànec, Duck Meso, Kačacie mäso, Duck Carne, ברווז בשר, Duck Kött, Патка Месо, ダック肉, La viande de canard, Entenfleisch, Duck Kød, Duck Kjøtt, Carne de pato, Качатини, Ankanlihaa, Патешко месо

Physical Description

Duck meat is considered to be "white" meat, even though the meat on a duck is considerably darker than other poultry meats such as chicken or turkey.

Colors: darker red color

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Due to the darker color of the duck meat, this gives the meat a stronger and richer flavour.
Mouthfeel: Firm, Can be tough if overcooked. breast meat can have a livery texture if overcooked. skin can be crisped to be crunchy.
Food complements: Wild rice, Sweet potatoes, Steemed baby carrots, Sauteed escarole, Grapes
Wine complements: Red, Pinot noir
Beverage complements: Beer, Soda
Substitutes: Squab, Goose, Turkey, Rabbit, Chicken

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: september, opctober, november, december
Peak: september, opctober, november
Choosing: The larger the breast the tougher the meat will be.
Buying: Buying free range duck or wild duck will be the best options.
Procuring: Ducks are a migratory bird and can be hunted during season. Refer to local regulations to learn your local season and limits.

Preparation and Use

Score the fat to allow it to render out during cooking. Duck breast can be roasted, grilled, or pan seared. The meat is quite good when eaten rare.
Here's a great tip: when preparing duck breasts, score the fast side well in cross-hatches. Then place fat-side down in a skillet. Pour water into the skillet just to the line between the fat and the meat. Cook until the water boils away. This will trender much of the fat, create a crisp skin on the bottom, and the breast meat stays rare.

Cleaning: If you are cooking the breast meat separately and you see it has a "silver skin", remove that fiberous skin because it will be for tough eating.

Conserving and Storing

Duck meat is perishable like any other type of meat. It freezes well and can be salted.


Duck hunting is a world renowned pass time. Many organizations are committed to the preservation of this animal and it's habitats.



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