Fooducate Yourself

August 1, 2011

Fooducate is an iPhone app which helps you "eat a bit better". You can scan any barcode at the grocery store, and then learn what the ingredients are and what their potential hazards may be.

This demo shows you just how easy it is to use the app, and ideally make healthier choices for you and your family.

Many people are shocked to learn that common food ingredients can cause a range of symptoms, including allergies, rashes, headaches, bloating, gas, and behavioral problems.

Remember, the more whole foods that you eat, the healthier you will be!

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Azalea's picture

Thanks for the great info, I just downloaded the app since I'm an avid ingredients reader!

Hemi Weingarten [Fooducate]'s picture

Thanks for the mention Shoshana.
I'll just add the Fooducate is also available for Android
And for those that don't have smartphones, we also have a very popular blog with daily tips and news about healthy food choices

bon apetit

co-founder, Fooducate

Logan's Mom's picture

I have had this app on my LG Revolution for about two weeks and I love it! I read the ingredients on everything I buy because I have a son with ADHD and have to watch out for hidden artificial colors, this app has cut my time in the store in half.