September 1, 2011
ginger cocktail

Made for so much more than ginger ale and ginger beer, ginger is one of my favorite herbs (spices...

August 31, 2011

Pomegranat Molasses seems to be cropping up everywhere these days - from cocktails to appetizers,...

August 31, 2011
Maroon 5 and Snapple for Feeding America

Maroon 5 is constantly adding charitable initiatives to their repertoire, and now the band has...

August 27, 2011
homemade fresh lemonade

What says summer better than homemade lemonade? From lemonade stands run by the kids on the corner...

August 25, 2011
Bloody Mary Cocktail

The Bloody Mary has a long and interesting story - and now, a poptail! A classic brunch cocktail...

August 21, 2011
vitamin water

Chances are that when people choose to drink soda, they know that they aren't really drinking a...

August 20, 2011

With fresh melons flooding supermarkets across the nation, why not carve them up into a refreshing...

August 20, 2011
mint leaves

Considered by some to be an invasive garden pest, mint is one of my all-time favorite herbs. Cool...

August 18, 2011

There's nothing better than a refreshing punch to beat the summer heat! Fresh fruit juice,...

August 13, 2011
Vita Coco Coconut Water is Facing a $5 Million Lawsuit

Vita Coco hasn't been completely honest about their product and they may be paying a hefty...

July 23, 2011
titanium straw

If you've ever wanted to recreate the old Tropicana commercials and stick a straw directly into...

July 21, 2011
ak47 ice cube bullet

  Okay, "cube" is not the right word at all! Here are five fabulously fun ice cube...

July 16, 2011

A traditional Spanish punch, sangria is a combination of wine (usually red), liquor (often brandy...

July 5, 2011
Sung Ji-Hyun

Korean artist Sung Ji-Hyun is behind this series of blinged-out beverages. Each beverage container...

June 30, 2011

Perfect for 4th of July and all summer long!

May 5, 2011

This is delicious and refreshing- with or without the alcohol.

May 4, 2011

The best sangria uses fresh fruit and is served ice cold!

April 18, 2011

1. Depending on how fresh your fruit is, you may need to add some sweetener. I used frozen...

March 29, 2011

Super easy! Super healthy! Super yummy!