Hair of the Dog: The Bloody Mary Story & Recipes

August 25, 2011

The Bloody Mary has a long and interesting story - and now, a poptail! A classic brunch cocktail and hangover cure, the Bloody Mary began life as a non-alcoholic "cocktail" made from a whole tomato, celery salt and Worcestshire sauce thrown in a blender. Yum? Once named the Red Snapper (and made with gin!), it's classic incarnation seems to have developed in Paris between 1919-1934 before returning to the US, rechristened the Bloody Mary and made with a new liquor on the American scene, Smirnoff Vodka. 

Classic Bloody Mary
Including the rest of the story!

BLT Bloody Mary
That's right, the BLT in liquid form featuring Bacon Vodka!

Sriracha Bloody Mary
Wake up with this super spicy addition.

Green Mary
Using tomatillos and cucumbers, this "salsa verde" twist on the classic is sure to be a winner!

Bloody Mary Poptails
Frozen. Bloody. Mary. Summer just got a whole lot more refreshing!

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