5 One Pot Meals No Cook Should Live Without

October 24, 2015

It is no secret that one pot dinners are time savers.  Not only does it cut down on prep time but clean up is a breeze.  In other words its a win-win for everyone involved.  Rice and pasta are great bases for one pot meals as well as soups and stews.  The key is electing one key ingredient to be the star and build the rest of the meal around it.  For example, if chicken is going to be your protein of choice then all the accompanying ingredients should play a complimentary role to create one stellar dish.  There are millions of one pot meals out there but these just happen to be some of my personal favorites.

Mixed Vegetable Tahari
Recipe from Cubes n Juliennes

Root Vegetable Stew
Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Cheesy Chicken Pasta
Photo Credit: Justin Smith

Chili Con Carne
Photo Credit: Cyclone Bill

Bruschetta Chicken
Submitted to Foodista by Addicted to the Kitchen

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