Luscious Summer Cocktails

July 25, 2015

Summer parties are much less of a hassle to put together than during the winter months. It's time for easy conversation, warm breezes, and plenty of good, seasonal food. That's why I love summer inspired cocktails. They seem to just make a party that much more fancy-even if served by the pool. 

Cocktails have to be simple, highly flavorful, and worth savoring each sip. They are also tend to be a little lighter on the booze. It more about the interaction and less about the buzz, so I like my cocktails to be so luscious that they are super popular, but not for their hangover ability. 

Enjoy any of these cocktails with your friends, and you may find a new favorite! 

S'mores Chocolate Martini

From Culinary Hill

Why should the kids have all the fun? These S'mores cocktails have all the same flavor as your childhood favorite summer snack, but this time it's packaged for grown ups only. A fun and chocolaty sipper. 

Coconut Basil Lemonade 

From River City Good Eats

Fresh basil abounds all summer long, and this cocktail is perfect for using that bounty. There is something about lemon and basil that is magical. You can use this recipe as a base for the kids refreshing drink, or add the rum and make it all for the grown ups. NOM

Blueberry Gin Fizz

From Tough Cookie Blog

Blueberries are so flavorful and perfect for drinking. Here in Maine, it's full on blueberry season, and this Blueberry Gin Fizz is going to be the best way to end the day. So tasty.

Grey Goose Le Fizz

From Super Golden Bakes

Kick any party up a notch when you add bubbles! So tasty and so elegant. This quick and easy recipe will be sure to impress. 



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