Beautiful Berry Desserts

February 12, 2015

Berries brighten up the coldest of days, and we sure need it this winter. Here are some luscious desserts that all feature our favorite berries, with plenty of good ingredients included. The Galette is a must have in any kitchen cook's shortlist. It's a simple crust that is buttery and sweet, to wrap up and around virtually any filling. In this case, fresh berries get the royal treatment. This is a great way to use those frozen berries you have been looking at in the store. 

Then, the strawberry chocolate bark is amazing! Freeze dried berries just burst apart in your mouth, and the strawberry flavor is concentrated so much, it's like a handful of berries in every piece.  You may never want a fresh berry again. 

Enjoy all of these beautiful berry recipes for Valentine's day or just because. They will brighten up your day in a sweet, juicy way. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

From Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cookie for Two 

From What The Forks For Dinner

Strawberry Whipped Parfait

From Slim Sanity

Mixed Berry Galette

From Bake Eat Repeat

Strawberry Chocolate Bark

From The Merchant Baker


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