Make the Perfect Marshmallow For Your Hot Chocolate

November 13, 2014

Everyone loves marshmallows in their hot chocolate and just for nibbling. How about making homemade versions that  you can then flavor as you like? Vanilla pepper, pumpkin, even mint. The possibilities are endless and tasty. Here are 5 delightful homemade marshmallow recipes that we think will rock your hot cocoa. They would also make wonderful gifts for your family and friends. No worries, they are super simple to make and taste far better than any marshmallow you have ever eaten from a bag. 

Pumpkin Marshmallows

From Southern Fatty

The American addiction over pumpkin during the holiday season is ok with us. We love pumpkin spice and the warmth it brings to any recipe. Now make some pillowy soft marshmallows using this delicious recipe and thrill your family with this beloved pumpkin spice flavor. 

Vanilla Bean Black Pepper Marshmallows

From Joan Eats Well With Others

If you like flavors that are just a bit different, you will love the spicy sweet flavor of this next recipe. Sweet vanilla bean mixes with black pepper flecks to make the most intriguing marshmallows you have ever eaten. 

Apple Cider Marshmallows

From Jacquelyn Clark

A true fall flavor, spiced cider is a treat that tops the list of family friendly warming drinks. Top that with one or more of these flavorful apple cider marshmallows, and you will have a drink worth talking about. We love this! 

Mint Marshmallows

From Friday Cake Night

Eat a few of these mint flavored marshmallows as an after dinner snack, or add them to a recipe that calls for a minty sweet flavor. These would be a festive gift that would taste wonderful floating in a cup of hot chocolate! 

Orange Marshmallows with chocolate and sea salt

From The Casual Craftlete

A marshmallow so beautiful, it would make an elegant gift. These are orange flavored, dipped in dark chocolate and then sprinkled with sea salt to bring out that perfect trifecta of flavors. You must try these! We think they are worthy of being called a candy confection. So wonderful. 

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