Treats That Scream Halloween

October 30, 2014

It's that time of year when everyone wants to outdo each other in the scare factor. We wouldn't want you Foodies to feel left out. Here are some awesomely creative recipes for making foods that simply scream "Halloween!" 

Hang on to your witch's broom, these recipes will scare the boo out of you. We at Foodista are constantly amazed at the creativity of food bloggers. Now, on to the screamy-good fun: 

Boba Thai Tea Shooters

From Thirsty For Tea

Spooky can be delicious as you will soon see. How about a Thai tea shooter? These have a unique look being served in a test tube and filled with sweet tea and boba tapioca balls. Creepy and irresistible. 

Monster Rice Krispie Treats

From The Suburban Soap Box

We challenge you to find a ghost or ghoulie who wouldn't want to attack a plate of these chocolate treats. Imagine the screams!!

Haunted Halloween Dirt Cake

From Runaway Chef

Make the creepiest Halloween treat ever by creating a graveyard in a glass. This is the best idea we have seen to surprize your guests and get the good stuff into them. So sweet and fun, it's almost as if you can overlook the haunted factor. Almost. 

Creepy Crawlie Sugar Cookies

From My Darling Vegan

What kind of recipe site would we be if we didn't give some love to the Vegan crowd? These creepy sugar cookies are delightful and sweet-just like your vegan mummies and ninjas are. We want to have an entire basket of these spooky treats as a gift-that may be a hint. 


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