The Secret to Making This Amazing Peace Sign Cake

July 18, 2014

We love so many things about today's beautiful Peace Sign Cake from the super awesome site; Handmade Charlotte. This cake recipe makes a moist dense outer layer, with a colorful design embedded within. It's a wonderful way to share a teen's birthday or a fun surprise for friends or family. It would be the centerpiece for a creative themed party. Once you learn the secret to making this delicious dessert, the possibilities are endless. 

The recipe actually uses a pound cake mix as the base. Eggs, butter and milk are added to make a pound cake that is rich and flavorful. Then, part of the cake mix is divided out and the colors are added. The colored mix is then squeezed randomly into small pans, making a basic square in order to cut out the shape you are going to embed. The secret to keeping both parts of the cake fresh, is to freeze the design piece and then gently place it into the cake pan holding the contrasting color. Using a pound cake means less bubbles in the cake as it bakes. That's another neat tip from the site. 

The full tutorial is available on Handmade Charlotte. There are other tricks to making a perfectly beautiful cake like this. Check out the site and do try to make this neat recipe. 

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