5 Fish en Papillote Recipes

July 15, 2014

The French term en papillote describes a cooking method in which food is baked in a folded pouch.  This parcel is usually made from parchment paper but tin foil or even a brown paper bag would work.  When in the oven, the sealed pouch steams the food and the dish remains moist.  Anything cooked en papillote should be served table side so that when the package is opened, the diner can inhale the variety of fragrances from the distinct ingredients. 

Anything from vegetables, fish, chicken and more can be cooked in this style.  These recipes focus on fish because they are quick and easy.  The basic method involves placing a fish filet in the center of the pouch along with some seasonings, fresh herbs, a vegetable or two, and a splash of white wine.  You will be shocked by how simple yet delicious fish en papillote can be.

Tilapia with Walnut Pesto
Recipe from Will Cook For Friends

Tilapia with arugula walnut pesto is an easy summertime meal.  The homemade pesto acts as both a marinade and sauce for the fish.  You can also make this recipe with basil pesto or sun dried tomato tapenade.

Steamed Shanghai Black Cod
Recipe from Nestle Kitchens

This Chinese inspired black cod en papillote is exploding with flavor.  The marinade alone contains a number of bold seasonings including tangerine juice, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and more.  Serve this dynamite fish dinner with a mound of brown rice.

Fish with Lemon and Squash
Recipe from Yummy Mummy Kitchen 

Fish baked in parchment with lemon and vegetables is a quick and healthy meal option.  While this recipes suggests pairing summer squash with the fish, feel free to substitute whatever seasonal vegetables are available in your fridge.

Coconut Lime White Fish in Packets
Recipe from The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Coconut lime white fish is the perfect meal for the grill.  All the ingredients are loaded into a foil packet and cooked right on top of the grill for 8-10 minutes.  A cookie sheet aids in an even cooking temperature and prevents the packets from falling in between the grates.

Salmon en Papillote
Recipe from Cooking for Keeps

Salmon en papillote is influenced by the flavors of Provence. Olives, tomatoes, and fennel are typical ingredients from this French region.  This meal is absolute perfection and only needs a glass of crisp white wine.

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