Must-Have Homemade Condiments

June 7, 2014

Ketchup on a burger, mustard on a hot dog, barbecue sauce on chicken - condiments and our favorite summer meals go hand in hand.  But let's face it, bottled condiments don't excite us the way they should.  Instead of adding a new layer of flavor, they become a blanket that we use out of habit.  Homemade condiments have so much potential to be great and are easier to make than you think. All you need is a pot and a handful of tasty ingredients.  Once you taste the difference between a mediocre generic condiment against a homemade one - there's no going back.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Submitted to Foodista by Fun, Food and Frolic

Spoon this chili sauce over rice to give it a spicy kick or toss with chicken wings for an easy appetizer.

Fire Roasted Ketchup
Recipe from Mind Over Batter

This smoky ketchup plays nice with grilled food because the flavors compliment one another.

Hot, Sweet and Smoky Mustard
Recipe from The View of the Great Island

This tangy mustard is perfect with baked chicken or fish.

Recipe from Blue Kale Road

In recent years, the red rooster sauce has become the universal condiment. It goes on just about everything.

Barbecue Sauce

Slather this sauce over chicken, ribs, brisket or even tofu.

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