3 Vegetarian Recipes to Try on Meatless Monday

June 2, 2014

Whether your vegetarian or not, Meatless Monday is an opportunity to expand your horizons in the kitchen.  Sometimes we are too dependent on meat as being at the center of the plate and leave the vegetables on the sidelines, bland and boring.  Experimenting with meatless meals will encourage you to use new ingredients or try different dishes.  Vegetables have their own place on our plates and we should give them a chance to shine, even if it's just once a week.

Roasted Vegetable Burrito
Submitted to Foodista by I Eat Therefore I Cook

You can use whatever seasonal vegetables are available for this burrito.  I especially like the combination of red peppers, corn and zucchini.

Caprese Pesto Linguine
Recipe by French Press

Thin strands of linguine are cooked in a flavorful basil sauce and tossed with buttery balls of mozzarella cheese and sweet blistered tomatoes.

Black Bean Quinoa Salad
Recipe by Damn Delicious

This salad is packed with protein to help sustain you throughout your meatless day.


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