Tricks To Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

March 19, 2014

With their cheap price and easy preparation, instant ramen noodles are a widely eaten food. It's the perfect budget-friendly food, but let's admit it, they beg to be jazzed up both visually and nutritiously. Here are some easy ways to take your instant ramen from ho-hum to wow in just minutes.

1.  Replace the salt-loaded flavor packet with a healthier option. A scoop of miso (any color) dissolves in a flash, and is much better for you. Or, use less of the flavor packet, plus a bit of miso (both are salty, so take care to not overdo it).

2.  Stir in some hot sauce! We love sriracha and harissa.

3.  Add a dash or two of fish sauce or sesame oil - or both!

4.  Bulk it up with greens like sliced green onion, fresh spinach, snow peas, cilantro, even leftover broccoli.

5.  Ramen always needs an egg! Toss in a hard or soft boiled egg, or quickly poach, fry or even scramble one up.

6.  Garnish with pickled or fermented vegetables like bamboo shoots, ginger, or kimchi.

7.  Add a few shakes of toasted sesame seeds.

When I was in college, and on a serious budget, my friends and I would combine the cooked ramen noodles and season packet (no water) with a box of mac and cheese and frozen peas. It may sound gross, but trust me, it's a sure-fire satisfying meal!



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