101 Benefits of Coconut Oil

March 9, 2014

Like chia seeds, almond milk, and quinoa, Coconut oil is beginning to attract an audience outside the health conscious community.  This heart healthy fat can be found at any marketplace and sits comfortably on many pantry shelves.  Coconut oil has been praised for its numerous benefits including boosting immunity and supporting weight loss.  Coconut oil can be easily integrated into your diet.  It's delicious in baked goods, sauteed with vegetables, added into smoothies or even eaten straight out of the jar.  Since coconut oil can withstand a high cooking temperature, it can replace other cooking fats and be used in almost any culinary preparation.  For optimum benefit, it is suggested that one to two tablespoons should be consumed a day.

1. It's a heart healthy fat
2. Boosts metabolism
3. Supports immune system
4. Slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
5. Helps manage Type-2 diabetes
6. Helps manage weight
7. It eases digestion
8. Can be used a moisturizer for skin and hair
9. Cooks at high temperatures
10. Can help improve gum health

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