Wine Wednesday: Do Wine Labels Trick Us Into Buying?

October 16, 2013

Fast food isn't the only thing attracting us with its colorful, flashy branding. According to a recent NPR article, big players in the wine industry are using clever imagery and sleek design on labels to attract our eyes (and wallets).

The article focuses on the book 99 Bottles of Wine, written by David Schuemann of CF Napa Brand Design, a designing and branding company. In his book, Schuemann discusses a few tactics to get thirsty customers to shell out for eye-catching wines:
- Gold foil, gold stamping or embossing create fancier textures that stand out from other wines on the shelf.
- Minimal text on a white or cream background usually conveys "high-end" and "sophistication."
- Wines priced under $10 will feature more color and pop to excite less experienced wine drinkers.
-The color of the foil at the top of the bottle indicates the wine's prominent flavors.
For more information in the full article on NPR, click here.
Have you noticed any of these tactics while shopping for your favorite bottles? Do you think it works?

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