Gordon Ramsay to Open Two New Restaurants in London

August 12, 2013

Gordon Ramsay is getting ready to open two new restaurants in London. 

The first restaurant is called Union Street Cafe, which is a collaboration with David Beckham that will specialize in seasonal and Mediterranean food. Union Street Cafe is set to open in September. The second restaurant is called London House -- not much is known about this eatery except that it is scheduled to open before the end of the year. 

Meanwhile, Ramsay may have a bit of a tax problem on his hands. It is being reported that the celebrity chef and his restaurants have been "hiding the facts" about their tax and insurance information, including shared tips. While Ramsay is denying all accusations, there are also reports that he has an unpaid tax bill in the seven figures. The chef says he knows nothing about such tax fraud and has opened up an investigation into his company and all employees to see if there is any truth to the claims. 

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