Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About French Wine

March 20, 2013

Nothing says French luxury quite like a nice glass of France's finest wine. For all you wine fanatics out there, the infographic below teaches you everything you need to know about France's wine history. 

France is the second largest producer of wine, producing more than 7 billion bottles every year. There are six main wine regions in France -- Brittany, Loire, Provence, Alsace, Jura and Burgundy. 76% of the wine produced in France is red. 

Learn more about France's wine industry in Headwater's infographic below. 

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martin timmers's picture

This is complete nonsense.
Brittany is one of the wine regions?
yeah right

Ever heard of Bordeaux and Champagne?

And i am pretty sure that the chardonnay grape should have been in there somewhere.

Chez Bonne Femme's picture

I love the concept of the infographic--a beautiful way to present great, clear info. But I agree with Martin! Où est Bordeaux et Champagne...and what about the Southwest and Languedoc? And the Rhône?