Must-See Video: The Story of Kikkoman's Humble Beginnings in Feudal Japan

February 28, 2013

Watch this inspiring short film directed by Academy Award™ Nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker. Make Haste Slowly: The Kikkoman Creed tells the story of the rich heritage and family creed that shaped Kikkoman soy sauce for over 300 years. Find a list of the 16 Articles in the Kikkoman Creed below.

Almost 400 years ago in Osaka, two Shogun warlords battled for the surrounding countryside. Faced with inevitable defeat, a samurai named Maki took his life rather than dishonor his family. Fearing for her life, his wife Shige Maki fled the castle, her infant son clutched in her arms. Seeking refuge she changed her name to Mogi and settled in the small farming community of Noda along the Edo River. There she and her son learned the craft of naturally brewing soy sauce. For nineteen generations this recipe has been handed down along with a family creed, a set of 16 articles that have successfully guided Kikkoman for over 300 years.

The 16 Articles in the Kikkoman Creed

Article I: Ensure Progress and Family Prosperity
Article II: Faith is the Source of Virtue
Article III: Politeness Brings Peace
Article IV: Virtue is the Cause, Fortune the Effect
Article V: Preserve Discipline and Maintain Tradition
Article VI: Business Depends Upon People
Article VII: Education is Our Responsibility
Article VIII: Approach All Living Things With Love
Article IX: Make Every Effort To Do As Much As You Can
Article X: True Earning Comes From the Labor of Sweat
Article: XI: Strive To Prosper Together With The Public
Article XII: Clearly Communicate Success or Failure
Article XIII: Consult With Family
Article XIV: Don't Carelessly Fall Into Debt
Article XV: Give to Society as Much as You Can
Article XVI: Always Consult With People Before Making a Decision

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