Beyonce Lost Baby Weight With Partial Vegan Diet

February 19, 2013

Beyonce lost the 57 pounds she gained during her pregnancy with the help of a few vegan meals. While it might seem like the singer was back in her old body in no time, her trainer Marco Borges says it took a lot of work and a big diet change to shed the weight, including eating one vegan meal a day. 

"Consistency is the key to success. I love running-spring intervals for quick cardio sessions and also... running stairs," he said. "[I recommend] one vegan meal a day because this typically gets people to eat more greens than they normally would." 

It seems the diet helped Beyonce get more fruits and veggies in her diet. When she needs a snack, she turns to apples, edamame or cucumbers with a big of cayenne pepper, lemon and vinegar. 

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