Infographic: Wine for the Holidays Shows Little Love for Rosé

December 20, 2012

Clearly I need to redouble my efforts, as this infographic  from Beringer detailing our predilections for wine for the holidays shows a sad lack of rosé. Yes, wintertime, with its Thanksgiving feasts, holiday parties, Christmas family stresses, and New Year's Eve debauchery is certainly a season for wine, so why not start shoehorning some rosé into your life? It has a pretty holiday hue, looks great on the table, is versatile with a wide variety of foods, and will help you beat the winter blues with its upbeat, refreshing qualities. Now go out there and drink some dang rosé!

Speaking of Beringer, did you know their Private Reserve Chardonnay put lust in my heart?

holiday wine infographic

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