Turkey Day Tutorials: The Big Bird

November 17, 2012

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we figured it would be helpful to put together a short collection of video tutorials on how to prepare the key dishes. This collection is all about the main dish: Turkey! We have one on the basics of how to roast a gobbler from Noreen's Kitchen, another on how to carve by Alton Brown, and for something fun and different we went to the BBQ Pit Boys for a BBQ'd turkey breast. So give these a watch and have fun cooking for family and friends with NO FEAR!

Turkey Breasts Barbecue

Partial Video Transcript

Welcome to the BBQ Pit Boys show on YouTube.  Today we’re going to cook up a couple of turkey breasts on the grill and smoker and they’re real easy to do.  Alright, here I’ve got two bone in turkey breasts, they’re weighing about eight pounds a piece and they are perfect for a holiday feast.  You’ve got to check this out, there, alright.  The first thing we’re going to do here is make a couple of marinades, one is going to be for the grilled turkey and the other one’s going to be for the smoked turkey.  Alright, for the grilled turkey I’ve got about four tablespoons of sweet butter.  We’re going to melt it down in this pan, to that we’re going to add about a half a cup of good oil, good salad olive, an olive oil.  Now, if you’ve never had one of these injected turkeys off the grill or smoker then you’re missing something out of your life.  Now I’m going to add about three tablespoons of soy sauce.  And here I’ve got about one teaspoon, maybe a teaspoon and a half of good poultry seasoning.  You can find that most anywhere.  Let this bland out.  Now our mama’s cooking her traditional turkey in the oven in the kitchen, could be doing this on the grill, but you want to be careful because the turkey you bring in to that holiday table is going to be eaten first.  Might make mama a little disappointed that nobody’s chowing on her turkey.  But that’s alright; you always want plenty of turkey for snacking and sandwiches later on, if you know what I mean.  This butter soy sauce is melting down.  And now we’re going to inject one of these birds.  Now, this here is a meat injector, pretty familiar with that.  You want to get yourself a good quality one, not one of them cheap plastic ones that will break on you right away.  Now what we’re going to do is inject this marinade in about eight/nine/ten places on this bird, kind of easy.  The technique is as you draw it out, put a little pressure on that syringe and you get plenty of that marinade in there.

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