Tasty Tweets Machine Measures Twitter Mentions to Mix Smoothies

July 2, 2012

The Tasty Tweets machine measures mentions from Twitter to create one-of-a-kind smoothies. The machine, created by Konstantinos Frantzis, Kat Zorina and Ruben van der Vleuten of the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, examines the Twitter API and creates a smoothie blend based on the proportion of fruit flavors mentioned in the tweet.

If the fruit blueberry is used more frequently at that time, for example, the smoothie will be heavy in blueberry flavor. Because of the constant overturn of tweets, no smoothie will taste the same. Maybe the trio will eventually publish a Twitter smoothie book, like the Tweet Pie cookbook.

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Wow! It is really a food city full of food news and variety it increase may appetite know i know my taste of the season thanks foodista.
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