The Metro Wine Map of California Helps Transfer Knowledge of Napa and More

May 26, 2012

If you're lost when it comes to navigating and understanding wine regions, the Metro Wine Map of California will help you know your grape destination. As a follow-up to his Metro Wine Map of France, Dr. David Gissen has put together another clever take on the the iconic maps of the transportation systems of Paris and London, this time to help wine lovers understand the distinct wine regions of California. Also included on the map are the types of grapes grown in each region as well as major landmarks and geographical features.

And though you can quibble about some of the lines and stops, as Jon BonnĂ© of the San Francisco Chronicle states, it's enormous fun for map geeks and "highlight[s] the strengths and weaknesses of the system of wine appellations."

Next stop, Calistoga!

metro wine map california

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