Must See: Tweetable Cyber Garden

March 19, 2012

A new exhibit at the ecoLogicStudio in London, is getting plenty of social media notice. In fact, it is generating tweets all it's own. 

The H.O.R.T.U.S.'s virtual garden (Hydro Organisms Responsive To Urban Stimuli), is a series of plastic bags that are hanging from the ceiling, with different species of algae in them. Each bag has a tube where visitors exhale carbon dioxide, which in turn feeds the organisms. 

The bags all contain their own QR code, and can be scanned by the visitor who helped feed them. The bag can then be monitored  and tweeed about, by their virtual gardeners. The information is also monitored as part of the experiment/exhibit, to record how the entire thing evolves over time.

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For more photos of the exhibit, please visit London's Architectural Association. 

London's Architectural Association

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