Christina Applegate is on a Macrobiotic Diet

March 17, 2012

After having to battle breast cancer, Christina Applegate says she tries to stay healthy by sticking to a macrobiotic diet -- lots of grains supplemented by vegetables, while avoiding animal products, processed and refined foods.

"I don't really snack so much. I meal it," Applegate said. "I know there's the whole 'You should eat five times a day,' but I say eat when you're hungry. Because [that's when] your body's asking you to eat. I've been trying to keep a macrobiotic diet, but I do go off it when I fee like it during the week. Sometimes it's nice to have something that is enjoyable!" 

Applegate said she began trying to follow a macrobiotic diet after she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. 

"That all started when I found out I had cancer in 2008. I always ate really well anyway, so it wasn't an incredible change in my diet," the actress said. "But there's a certain way in which it's prepared and a certain way that you're eating that geared toward healing."


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