Fat AND Juicy

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March 6, 2012

I’m sitting at my antique farm- tin-topped desk, decompressing from the drive from Charleston back to Morristown, NJ yesterday. 

  (The party spread at Nathalie Dupree's gracious home)

I don’t recommend doing that drive in one day- it’s just too darned long of a trip especially if you want to stop off at a few Civil War battlefields on the way back up North.

During the past week, I’ve been down in Charleston, South Carolina for the Wine/Food Festival. 

This yearly event champions local and nationally known food personalities and exemplifies the quality products that make their way to the national arena from the “Low Country” to the rest of the United States and beyond. 

The Charleston Wine and Food Festival brings participants from the world-round to revel in fine wine, craft beer, small batch spirits and of course their mixers to create an alchemy of flavors. 

From intimate wine driven gatherings in the friendly, gracious and quite lovely homes of local author/chefs (Natalie Dupree and Holly Herrick) to a full-blown Media event at High Cotton restaurant down on East Bay Street, I never felt such warmth and congeniality.   It was very difficult to leave.  

There really wasn’t enough time to properly thank all those who were so kind to me during the event, nor was the opportunity.  I just want to say thank you.  You know who you are.

Fat and Juicy is not just a Bloody Mary mix.  It is of a specific Low Country persuasion.  This is a very friendly mix.

From their crisp label stating: “Don’t Hate Us for Being Tastier” to their Vine Ripened Boldness in Every Sip, this sublime mix has everything going for it.  Fat and Juicy is the Low Country in a glass.  You can even drink it Virgin should you desire.  I did.  There is only so much drinking a man can do in a couple of days.

The label goes on to say: Extra-High Grade (If there was any doubt) Fully loaded (YUP) Flavor.

(They have got that correct

Sitting in front of me is a swag bag from the festival.  Poking out is a little bottle of Fat and Juicy, just enough for a cocktail.  I’m thirsty.  Let’s see what this tastes like with some of the Blackjack Barbeque Beef Jerky that I picked up in the Eater Magazine Media Tent.  Good stuff. 

I should have grabbed a couple more bags.  Thanks Jimmy for making a product that just sings of the New South, feet firmly planted in the times of yore.

Fat and Juicy.  Is it the best?  Well, I’ve written about Hoosier Momma and being the gentleman that I am, I cannot say that this one is any better- they are both delicious. 

The Best in America

May I say that they both are the best in America? 

Would that be ok?  Sure it would.  Because America is a BIG PLACE!!!

I said it here on Foodista.

The friendly demeanor of Joe Good,III and John Glenn, III- is infectious.  You want to have a cocktail with them. They speak with broad smiles.

Does it help that their mix is so delicious?   I think so.  Maybe it’s something in the air.  Is it the saline air down in Charleston?  Does everything taste better soaked in sea water?  Or is it the brackish aroma of the Pluff Mud?  Whatever you may think, just get some of this mix and try it with your favorite vodka, or gin for that matter.  I’m leaning towards gin in my Bloody Mary.  The aromatics stand up to the fire roasted Fat and Juicy mix.  It’s not your supermarket mix, although I’d be hard pressed to imagine this mix not making an entrĂ©e to your local supermarket. 

These guys are going places with their bottled mix.  It’s delicious and I think you will agree.

If you like celery seed and  in your mix, then bring on another. 

It’s in there! 

Just point your browser to Fat and Juicy.  Please tell them that I sent you! 


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Fat and Juicy Bloody Mary Mix is the BEST!!!! Thank you, thank you from Joe Good's mother! Come back and visit us again!