Prince Harry Samples Rum in Belize

March 4, 2012

Prince Harry was in Belize this weekend as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour to celebrate her 60 years on the throne. While there, Harry attended a block party to unveil the newly named Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard where he tasted the local rum and dined on authentic dishes. 

"Her majesty has asked me to send her good wishes to you all," Prince Harry said at the event. "She remembers so fondly her visits to this beautiful realm and speaks of the warmth of welcome she received on her most recent visit in 1994. I'm only sorry she can't make it and you're stuck with me." 

During the block party, Prince Harry danced with the locals while sipping on a glass of 15-year-old local rum. On-lookers say he also had a few tastes of local fruit wine and tried five different local beers. 



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