Wolfgang Puck Says Oscars Menu Consists of his 'Greatest Hits'

February 24, 2012

Wolfgang Puck will be cooking a grand dinner on Sunday night for the Oscars. After the awards have all been given out, Hollywood's finest will dine on what Puck is calling his "greatest hits" at the Governor's Ball. 

"You can almost call it Wolfgang's greatest hits over 30 years," the chef said. "This is the perfect menu because there's something for everybody." 

The menu consists of over 50 items that will be served buffet style. The lavish menu includes smoked salmon Oscars, chicken pot pie with shaved black truffles, lobster tacos with tomato and pickled Shallots, beet salad with pistachio butter, braised short ribs with parmesan polenta, lamb chops with a mint cilantro vinegar, lobster with curry ginger sauce, and baked potato wrapped in gold with caviar and creme fraiche. For the stars looking for a bit of comfort food, Puck will even be serving macaroni and cheese. 

For dessert, pastry chef Sherry Yard is creating a chocolate mousse and chiffon cake that will be shaped as a staircase that leads to white chocolate Oscar award statues.

The dinner will not be served the traditional way, instead the venue will have chaise loungers and comfortable chairs. "With the lounge style you can eat, you can drink, and you can be with friends instead of having something so formal you have to sit with people you don't want to be with," Puck said.  

Puck will have a staff of 350 at the Governor's Ball to help serve the 1500 guests, which will include George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

During the actual show, the Oscars greenroom will be serving champagne for the very first time to award winners and presenters that walk through. 

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