Ana de la Reguera Shares Diet and Workout Tips

February 22, 2012

Actress Ana de La Reguera has just signed on to be the next CoverGirl, joining the likes of Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah. She recently talked to Shape magazine about the regime that helps keep her in shape. 

Her diet consists of a lot of fiber, no soda, and lots of water to stay hydrated.

"I don't smoke or drink -- just wine sometimes -- and I get good sleep," de la Reguera said. 

As for her workouts, she does a combination of tennis, walking, dancing, strength training, and squats. 

"It's very important to do something you like and that it's not the same every day so you don't get bored," she said. "I don't spend more than an hour working out. I would rather work harder, and that way it doesn't feel like it takes forever or is a big part of my day." 

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