The MIA Tour Rider is Nuts

February 10, 2012

The singer behind "Paper Planes" shocked many fans watching the 2012 Super Bowl with her impromptu one-fingered salute, but what's even more bizarre about the singer is the demands outlined in the M.I.A. tour rider. In the food and beverage world, she demands mixed nuts and cheese, absinthe, Heineken, Mount Gay, red and white wine, Ketel One, dried mangoes and blueberries, and a bucket of "clean" ice.

That may not sound so strange for a young musician, but some of her entertainment requests aren't so standard. The M.I.A. tour rider also asks for three female extras at each show, aged between 20 and 25, to wear "full covered burkas" and have "stage presence and groove to the music on stage for the full duration of the show." For more tour riders, check out Drake's liquor demands.

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