Def Leppard Guitarist Explains Why he Went Vegetarian

February 9, 2012

Phil Collen, one of Def Leppard's lead guitarists, recently talked to Glide Magazine and opened up about why he chooses to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. 

"I was always a little bit of a closet vegetarian. I didn't like the idea of eating a dead body," the 54-year-old musician said. "I've been a vegetarian for like thirty years now. Stuff was bleeding, had veins in it, all of that stuff, and it made me feel really, really disgusted. How am I going to put this in me? The more I got into it, people would be like 'try this' and it actually made me feel nauseous and I didn't want to."

Collen also said part of his reason for the switch is the way animals are treated in slaughterhouses. 

"You know they torture these animals and they slaughter them, it's a pretty nasty thing. So I felt really good when I actually stopped doing that." 


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