Woman Banned From Beer Contest Because She is a She

January 14, 2012

This certainly seems like a page from the 1800s. A New Zealand beer maker was banned from a home-brewing competition simply because she is a woman. Rachel Beer (yes, that is her real name) tried to enter the Lake Hayes A&P Show, but was told the beer competition was "blokes only." A representative said she could enter her "Beer's Beer" into the competition, but it would not be judged. 

"Who cares if I have or haven't got balls?" she fumed. "At the end of the day a home brew is a home brew."

Another female brewer invited Beer to tour her facility and "leave the backwards competition behind." A Human Rights Commission representative said the competition might violate international law, but Beer said she was not interested in filing a complaint. 

The Society of Beer Advocates said they were "embarrassed" by the show's behavior and said it did not represent the industry's opinion. 

America is no stranger to sexist beer culture. Remember Chick Beer, created for women who couldn't handle "real" beer? Female brewers across the country have launched their own sisterhood. 

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