Get Some Unicorn Poop Cookies

January 13, 2012

So according to the user who posted this, there's a funny story behind these cookies. 

I told my mom that I was making some "Unicorn Sneezes" and she said "when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?"  And then it hit me...Great idea, Mom!  It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead!  She doesn't want the credit for encouraging me,  but I still thank her.  Haha.  BTW:  These things are sparkly to the max.  Even more-so than ANY art project.  I wish that the video would have captured the magic.  *cry*

You don't think that's funny. Well, aren't you just a non-believer. 

Almost as cool as Darth Vader and Snoopy cookies. 

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