A Month On An Organic Farm

January 9, 2012

With the rise of farm-to-table restaurants and growing concern over where food comes from and how it's grown, what better way to understand this trend than to spend a month on an organic farm? Finnriver Farm and Cidery, located on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, is an idyllic rural setting to get immersed in the philosophy behind, and the production of, organic agriculture. As a bonus, the owners of this family farm are passionate cider-makers who have a reverence for the traditions of cider in Europe and the United States.

Finnriver's mission:

  • Practicing sustainable agriculture
  • Harnessing renewable energies
  • Contributing to vibrant local economy
  • Restoring riparian wildlife habitat
  • Reviving artisan traditions
  • Serving as an educational resource
  • Keeping a vibrant farm culture alive and well

So, after numerous visits, I decided that I would spend the month of January living on the farm and contributing in any way I could. It's already been an eventful few days involving chickens, ducks, vegetables, pruning, and work in the cidery. I'll posting my thoughts and experiences throughout the month.

Look for Wednesday's post, full of chickens and eggs.

Me On The Farm

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