Alex Suarez of Copbra Starship Used to be a Chef

November 19, 2011

Cobra Starship's bassist, Alex Suarez, was recently interviewed by Eater and he talked about his life as a chef before becoming a rock star.

"I started a catering company in Central Florida that specialized in wine pairing events," Suarez said. "We ended up catering events, teaming up with wine purveyors that didn't have a food license. We used to do seven or eight course meals. It was a really educational experience and something cool to be a part of."

Suarez studied at the Florida Culinary Institute and had aspirations to build a career as a chef. While the bassist is spending most of his time touring the world, he still makes time to cook.

"I cook all the time," he said. "The most recent food thing I've done is consult at a Brooklyn restaurant [Miller's Tavern] my friend opened up. I don't want to take credit for it because what they do is fantastic, but it was cool to work with them."


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