5 Heavenly Hot Toddy Recipes

November 14, 2011

The classic Hot Toddy is a cold weather cure-all -- from the chilled bones to the common cold, this ages-old combination of whiskey, hot water, honey, lemon and spices will have you fixed up in no time! A potent cousin of hot lemon tea, this cold weather cocktail is sure to please your tastebuds and 'fortify your constitution' as its creators might have said. While I'm not sure how it holds up against DayQuil, this comforting cocktail comes in so many different flavors and forms it's hard to imagine -- substittue rum for whiskey, tea for hot water, add fresh fruits and your favorite spices and voila! Fend off the chilliest of winter weather with this collection of tasty hot toddy recipes.

Classic Hot Toddy 
With whiskey and spices, an updated version of the classic toddy recipe.

Chai Rum Toddy
Pairing black tea and Indian spices with dark rum, a finer cocktail I couldn't dream of.

Apple Ginger Toddy
Hot apple cider, all grown up!

Gingered Rum Toddy
A little sweet, a little spicy and a whole lot delicious!

Jasmine Tea Toddy
An aromatic twist on this cold weather classic.


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