Adriana Lima Shares her Victoria's Secret Diet

November 7, 2011

It's no secret that Victoria's Secret models need to be in great shape to get their wings. One such model, Adriana Lima,  recently opened up about the lengths she goes through to prepare for a fashion show.

Lima says she began preparing her body for the upcoming fashion show back in August, nearly four months prior to the big day.

"It is really intense, it's not really the amount of time you spend working out, it's the intensity: I jump rope, I do boxing, I lift weights, but I get bored doing that. If I am not moving I get bored very easily."

The model also keeps in touch with a nutritionist who often prescribes her  protein shakes made with powdered eggs and lots of vitamin supplements. She will also drink a gallon of water a day while she is training.

It is the few days before the show that are the most vital. For nine days before the televised fashion show, Lima will live off of only protein shakes and will stop eating solids altogether. Two days before the Victoria's Secret fashion show, the 30-year-old will stop drinking water in large amounts and drink as needed. 12 hours before the show, she will cut-off her water intake as well.

"No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that," Lima admitted.

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