Gordon Ramsay's New Restaurant Poorly Reviewed

November 2, 2011

Famously foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay recently opened the latest piece of his restaurant empire, Bread Street Kitchen, in London. Dinner for two worked out to £120. 

Food critic Jay Rayner reviewed the place for The Guardian and was less than impressed. "Look, my editor said, if you really love it you can have two pages. Otherwise we'll make it a single. Welcome, then, to my one-page review of Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant. To be frank Bread Street Kitchen is the kind of place only its mother could really love."

Rayner describes the restaurant as an adolescent, still working to find its stride. "It's hard to make allowances for this sort of adolescent when the bill hits £120 for two, as it does here." 

Hard to disagree with that. Read the whole review here. 

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