Happy Birthday Auguste Escoffier

October 28, 2011

Auguste Escoffier was "the king of chefs and the chef of kings." He is highly regarded in th culinary world and is credited with turning cooking into a respected profession.  He turned the kitchen into a regimented and disciplined place of business by establishing the kitchen brigade system or brigade de cuisine. The system assigned each member a specific duty in the kitchen.  The list of positions is extensive but some of the more common ones include chef de cuisine, sous chef, saucier, garde manger, patissier, and many more.

Escoffier is also know for his famous cookbook Le Guide Culinarie, which is still in print and used as a referential work.  In this cookbook, Escoffier documented recipes and techniques that are still taught today.  Most notably, he identified the five mother sauces: bĂ©chamel, espagnole, tomato, hollandaise, and veloutĂ©.  Thank you Auguste Escoffier forhelping make the food world what it is today.

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