Rihanna Needs Liquid Courage Before Hitting the Stage

October 12, 2011

Even a star like Rihanna gets nervous before hitting the stage every night. The singer has admitted that she needs a little liquid courage before performing.

“I have to have [a drink]. I take [performing] very seriously, so there is a level of anxiety, always. I over think everything when it comes to my job," Rihanna said. "The drink calms my nerves. I sip it while I watch the opening act from my dressing room. Sometimes I go out into the audience. I put on a really big hoodie and sneak out there.”

Her drink of choice is a cup of tea and a shot of dark liquor.

“I usually like dark liquor — brandy or whiskey — but it’s very high in sugar-content and I have some photo shoots coming up, so I had to switch it up to vodka.”

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