Four Loko Agrees to Accurately Label Drinks

October 4, 2011

And the Four Loko makeover continues. Phusion Projects, the company responsible for the alcoholic beverage, has agreed to change the product's packaging to settle the Federal Trade Commission's allegations of deceptive advertising. 

When it first came out, Four Loko contained high amounts of alcohol and caffeine, creating a potentially toxic mixture for consumers (one family sued over their son's death). Though it was banned in several states, the drink gained a cult-like following and developed a black market.  Phusion agreed to remove the caffeine earlier this year and has now accepted changes to the brand packing. 

Previously, Four Loko claimed to have as much alcohol as two 12 oz. cans of beer. In reality, the drink contained the same amount of alochol as four beers and should not have been consumed in one sitting. 

The new packaging will reflect the four beer equivalent and the bottles will come resealable. Do you think these are noticeable improvements or do you still oppose Four Loko? 

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