Quick Sale - Ayalas Herbal Water

September 30, 2011

Full Disclosure: I am a HUGE fan of Ayala's Herbal Water. Way back in 2009, I wrote a reveiw after buying a case of the assorted flavors online. There was not one that I didn't enjoy drinking, but the Lemon-Verbena Geranium is one of my favorites. 

Ayala's is offering a quick sale (offer good only until Sunday, October 2) on the Lemon-Verbena Geranium, since the company has added a carbonated version. Now is the time to stock up on some a really unique, refreshing beverage. Here is how:

Go to the site: Herbalwater.com 

Use the code:LVG25OFF  and get 25% off your order PLUS free shipping! That makes it a super deal. 

A word of caution however, you can NOT try to carbonate this water in a SodaStream. Don't ask, just believe me. 

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