Eat Your Food or Pay a Fine

September 17, 2011

A restaurant owner in Saudi Arabia says he has begun charging customers for leaving food on their plates. Fahad al Anezi of the Marmar Restaurant in Dammam says many people order vast quantities of food in the restaurant merely as a status symbol. 

Well, he's tired of wasting food. He calculates fines based on the amount of food remaining and claims other Saudi Arabians support the idea

Do you? What do you think of the owner's plan to fine customers? 

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Karina's picture

Isn't that why u pay a lot of money to eat out...restaurants overcharge for food anyway...whatever u order is yours to eat or not've paid for it. And besides what if the food is gross and you don't want to finish it?

Ariel  Welch's picture

Hello they over charge to pay the bills!!!

Emily's picture

Doggy bags might be another way to solve this problem.