Stop the FDA from Banning Supplements

September 16, 2011

Dietary supplements have been under attack for many years, and the DSHEA has always protected them. Thanks to the 1994 law passed by Bill Clinton, supplement companies stopped getting treated like criminals.

The new rules would make it almost impossible for small companies to meet the standards. Some of the requirements would be safety testing at levels MANY times higher than what any human would actually take. This is all a ploy to ban low cost supplements and turn them into expensive drugs that the pharmaceutical industry would sell.

I do know that there are many low quality supplements on the market, but the same can be said for food, drugs and just about any industry. It's up to consumers to be aware and make the best choices. If it were really about safety, dangerous drugs with toxic additives would not be taken by a large majority of Americans. This is about greed and not about the health of our citizens.

If you are outraged, please contact your representatives. We can make a difference, in fact, it is our collective voices that have saved the industry on every other occasion!

This video by Dr. Mercola, explains the whole story.

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Anonymous's picture

There is already far too much regulations on everything now! But then,who in the world in this Administration going to listen anyways? It's the Last Days as in John 6: 39, And this is the Father's will which sent me, that all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. But, then they don't like or agree with the Holy Bible! So, I will just continue to Pray on This and for Them to God! Shalom and God Bless! Jane

Tom's picture

Whenever the EPA-government gets involved we are in trouble. They can't even agree in congress on what toilet paper to use so how do you expect them to regulate our food, drugs and supplements? Look at the artificial sweeteners industry it's so messed up now as corn syrup wants to be called corn sugar, aspartame issues in your food and drinks and you want them to control your health supplements? How about drinking water and arsenic levels in baby food? The list goes on so many issues just pick a topic. Sorry I can't trust the FDA anymore as I don't feel they are looking out for our best interest anymore especially when your lives and children's future are at risk. I take supplements everyday and just like to know that what I put in my mouth does not kill me (no big deal make it simple and sweet) Say the plastic bottles they use to pack your supplements is contaminated with Bisphenol A(BPA) or something weird? Not that I want the FDA getting involved in our lives but I look at any QC checking from a few outside sources (not bought off politically) is better than no QC testing. Someone needs to do some random Quality Assurance testing independently on what we consume to verify & check to see that we are not slowly poisoning ourselves from some weird contaminated ingredients or metal say something like mercury in fish oil supplements.