Legendary Life Cafe From Rent Closes

September 13, 2011

Legendary East Village establish Life Café, which gained notoriety as the setting for a final scene in the first act of "Rent" (where the cast belts out "La Vie Boheme"), has closed after 30 years of business the restaurant's website confirms

It appears as though the decision might be temporary. "On this auspicious day of 9/11/11, after 30 years in business, I am closing Life Café East Village this evening 'until further notice.' I’m doing this due to issues around building repairs the landlords were supposedly going to complete one year ago. Until the landlords complete the repairs, I will remain closed," owner Kathy Life wrote online. She added that she anticipates reopening "in the near future." 

Customers were saddened by the news and wrote messages of their support on the restaurant's Facebook page. Portions of "Rent" were written in the café. A second branch of the restaurant, in Brooklyn, remains open. 

Has anyone eaten at the Life Cafe? Are you saddened by the shuttering of this "Rent" landmark? 

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